Common and Treatable Women’s Health Issues

By Carrie Whittley, NP.

HMB (Heavy menstrual bleeding)

Do you have heavy or abnormally long periods? Do you suffer from fatigue? If you answered yes to these questions we can explore this further and provide help.

AUB (abnormal uterine bleeding)

Do you have bleeding between your periods or has it been a year since your last period and you get spotting? This requires fast evaluation and you may possibly need an endometrial biopsy (small painless sample from your uterus). We can do this evaluation.

PMDD (pre- menstrual Dysphoria Disorder)

Do you have symptoms beyond PMS. Do you interpret people’s words, texts, actions differently the
week or two before your period. This can often lead to relationship issues and difficulty with your own mental health needs. This is treatable.

Peri-menopause vaginal symptoms

These symptoms can include burning, discharge, itching, pain and many other symptoms. We can help.

Carrie Whittley has extensive experience in women’s health dealing with these issues and will work with you in a manner consistent with your values and fully committed to your health. This is done in a highly sensitive and unrushed way. Don’t hesitate to book with us for a sex positive, trauma sensitive assessment of your symptoms.