Physiotherapy and Lymphatic Therapy

Physiotherapy is a drug-free health care practice which helps individuals of all ages to break down barriers to physical function and build a routine of safe and supportive exercise. Physiotherapy can be helpful in a wide range of conditions, from acute pain management and rehabilitation to management of many chronic conditions.

Physiotherapists can be helpful in improving strength, range of motion, and function. Additionally, physiotherapy can help in reducing pain, stiffness and swelling.

Cancer Care - Physiotherapy for Lymphedema

In a lymphedema-focused physiotherapy session, you will work one-on-one with the physiotherapist/ certified lymphedema therapist. Strategies to safely and effectively treat lymphedema will be applied depending on your unique situation. Options can include: manual lymphatic drainage, compression therapy and fitting compression wrappings. Our physiotherapist can also help plan and develop individualized exercise prescription and self-care education.

Physiotherapist & Clinic Hours

Sarah Butler, PT

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Initial Physiotherapy & Lymphatic Therapy Assessment
Up to 75 minutes - $150

Physiotherapy & Lymphatic Therapy Sessions (90, 60 or 45 minutes)
90 minutes - $180
60 minutes - $135
45 minutes - $115