Hypnosis and Life Coaching


Hypnotherapy is a mind-body therapy designed to complement traditional treatments, by reducing the client's fears and anxieties, and to help them positively engage in their treatment. Hypnotherapy encompasses a focused mindset aided by positive lifestyle change in the form of diet and exercise. Our Hypnotherapy Practitioner offers a professional and caring service, intended to compliment the treatments and protocols that you may already be involved with.

The Hypnotherapy approach will show you how stress both long-term and through recent major trauma can lower your immune system’s effectiveness and deter or diminish good health. Restoring your mindset (including your negative or fear based subconscious inner voices) to a more positive feeling can strengthen your immune system and have a positive effect on your recovery and your ongoing well-being.

This approach helps you to be a more active participant in your health and focus upon key areas that may need changing. Just one session will demonstrate the strength of this therapeutic approach, while several sessions will help you navigate the various challenges you face and take you deeper into that inner wisdom we all have, allowing you to produce the best possible level of wellbeing, balance and harmony you can.

Life Coaching

With Life Coaching, you are encouraged and empowered to listen to what your body is saying and develop awareness and confidence in changing towards a state of inner-peace and stress free living. Life Coaching helps you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles that may be holding you back, and then come up with realistic strategies and techniques for overcoming each obstacle. In creating these strategies, Life Coaching targets your unique gifts and skills. By helping you to make the most of your strengths, Life Coaching provides the support you need to achieve long-lasting change.

Our Life Coach uses a number of modalities depending upon the situation and the client, the intent with this approach is to help you tune into the messages that your stress is trying to reveal to you. During the coaching process – you will learn valuable skills that you can apply through your entire life, training you in using bodily awareness and intuition techniques that can transmute your stress into guidance that will allow you to assert yourself and change your life for the better.

Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching - Supportive Cancer Care

Hypnotherapy for Cancer Care allows for the development of a “Positive Expectancy” at each stage of the illness whilst instilling a “Motivation to Be Well”. The aim of Hypnotherapy is to offer those experiencing and dealing with cancer a legitimate, professional and caring service, intended to complement the treatments and protocols that they may already be involved with.

Our Life Coaching for Cancer Care gives you the opportunity to discuss difficult topics, from cancer navigation to grief and dying counseling. We recognize that some things are hard to talk about. Unexplored grief and fear of death are often underneath the surface of fear and anxiety. Softening toward these can help us to wrestle with the meaning one makes of life’s difficult times. We can support you to make better informed choices utilizing resources we have in the clinic or externally and more effectively through the conventional health care system.


Moira Hutchison,
Mindset Cultivator

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Hypnosis Visualization FAQs

Hypnosis works by addressing your health and wellness issues on a subconscious level, changing the way you see and think about yourself, and about the way you think about how you are taking care of your body.

Unlike what the stage show version of hypnosis portrays, there is not any magic involved. In fact, you are often actually in a hypnotic state in everyday life. For example: you are out shopping with a friend, and you see a piece of furniture you like. You begin to picture what it would look like in your living room (and what your spouse would say if you bought it) and you become so lost in the daydream that you are startled when you realize your friend is talking to you.

You have experienced the first level of hypnosis; you left the upper level of analytical, conscious, active thinking and were open to suggestion.

If you think of your mind in three distinct parts - the conscious mind, the ego mind (which holds our beliefs) and the subconscious mind. When someone thinks that they are not good enough – it does not matter how much or how often they are told otherwise… their mind defaults to the ego mind and thus the belief that they are not good enough. The purpose of hypnosis is to go to the subconscious mind and set up a new, healthy, proactive belief system which is based upon what the client wants.

When I work with clients looking to lose weight for instance, I combine suggestions to eat smaller portions of healthy food together with suggestions of boosted self-confidence and self-esteem. In many diet programs the "feeling good" aspect happens after one looks good; in hypnotherapy the client is encouraged to feel good about themselves, with successful weight loss as a valued addition to those good feelings.

You never lose the ability to make your own choices (during hypnosis).

Therefore, if you were given a suggestion that went against your morality or ethics, you just would not respond and would potentially come right out of hypnosis.

There are different recommendations out there on how long to continue for maximum benefit. Our hypnotherapist-visualization practitioner recommends four live sessions, scheduled a few weeks apart and listening to a self-hypnosis recording between sessions. Some clients like to return after 6 months or so to “freshen up” where others find that the self-hypnosis recording keeps them on track.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool which allows a client to release unhealthy habits and beliefs and take on empowering new behaviours and lifestyles. This includes:

  • All stages of the cancer experience
  • Chronic pain management
  • Experiencing hot flashes
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fear
  • Weight loss
  • Quitting smoking
  • Stopping nail biting
  • Increasing self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Much more