Consciously Creating Calmness

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Facilitated by:
Intuitive Coach & Meditation Teacher, Moira Hutchison

When: Every Tuesday from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Where: Online with Zoom
Cost: $15 per weekly session

What to Expect

These days there is ongoing interest in creating a sense of ease and personal calmness, while being mindful.

It is essential to take best care of your body, mind, and spirit. In these sessions we explore different ways to create and implement increased levels of self-awareness and self-acceptance as well as expanding self-care practices.

Each session starts with an interactive presentation about attending to and caring for your wellbeing in mind, body and soul, and we end with a guided meditation.

  • Gain control of your emotions - both positive and negative
  • Retrain your mind to think and respond more positively
  • Reduce stress and create a sense of balance
  • Calm your mind and let go of unhealthy thoughts
  • Feel good about yourself and others

Community Feedback

"Consciously Creating Calmness with Moira has been a beam of light for me.
The group is fantastic and caring, woven together yet open and inclusive for newcomers. I feel so much love in and for this group. Thank you!"


"Moira's Consciously Creating Calmness weekly classes are an oasis for me every Tuesday!  I've learned so much about myself as well tips and tricks to help deal with stress, health, relationships, even down to decluttering.  😊"


"Moira’s group, Consciously Creating Calmness, is definitely a highlight of my week...  Her guided visualizations are truly relaxing... I always feel uplifted and nourished after attending Consciously Creating Calmness."


"Dear Moira, even though I have been learning and attending your Tuesday sessions on 'Consciously Creating Calmness for three years now, I am still enjoying and benefiting daily... classes continue to support and challenge me to learn and grow"


"I have been regularly attending Moira’s Qigong group for sometime now because I invariably feel better after her classes. Moira is a very skilled and patient instructor who teaches the Flow Form sequence in a way that invites mindfulness and awareness."


"A gentle but thorough workout that really gets the energy moving!"

~Marika Jemma

“I hope more people find out about Moria’s Qigong, because its series of rhythmic slow movements wakes up the body’s energy, joints, and mobility, and regardless of abilities, I think anyone could benefit from at least giving it a try!!”