Nutritional Support: Customized Meal Plans and Pre-Chemo Plans

Having a custom meal plan can support you to make dietary changes recommended by your clinician at the CHI – either from a naturopathic doctor, nurse practitioner or our functional medical doctor. Clinicians will often recommend dietary changes for your specific situation and your unique composition to support your body in its healing process. Healing foods for one person can be damaging foods for another. Making changes to what you eat can be overwhelming and confusing when you first begin, but also very effective in facilitating better health.

A Custom Meal plan is a tool for you to take out the guesswork and uneasiness when implementing changes, and to be able to focus on regaining health, and keeping it. This can help your body regain strength and energy for healing without losing taste and enjoyment.

Our nutritionist can also help guide you through the transition to eating differently with tips on implementing new habits and following the plan with ease, where to shop and where to find substitutes for foods one used to love, what to do when travelling or out, and just help to make the whole transition easier, answering questions as needed.

The benefits associated with nutritional support and dietary changes are far reaching and will spill over into all other areas of your life… cognitive and emotional function, reduction of inflammation, increased energy levels, strengthened immunity, proper gut function (and so much more).

The meal plans come with a detailed, itemized shopping list to make things simple, with beautifully illustrated photos with simple but tasty recipes. The schedule is tailored to you, and the servings adjusted if you want to share meals with others in the family. Favorite foods will be included in your plan and disliked foods avoided. The recipes are delicious and will be something you can return to again and again throughout your life.

The meal plans are created by Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Susan Kingston; Member of CSNN Alumni (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition) and the Association of Naturotherapists of Quebec.

Meal Planning Services and Nutritional Guidance

Specific meal plans are prepared by our nutritionist Sue Kingston, RHN who is usually guided by the goals set out between patients and their naturopathic doctors. Focused goals influenced by the clients palette will guide the process. Sue is available by online appointment to discuss your plan directly and design a tailored meal plan, or just simply guide and help you implement healthy changes.

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Initial consult with 2-week meal plan - 30 minutes - $375

Initial consult with 1-week meal plan - 30 minutes - $265

Basic nutritional guidance
45 minutes - $125

Nutrition follow up consult
30 minutes - $85

Nutrition follow up consult
15 minutes - $45