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Summer Fun while Keeping it Clean.

By The Centre for Health Innovation / August 18, 2022 /

By Susan Kingston, Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Hello Everyone! I hope you are enjoying your summer! I know I am! I love to share the simple fact that eating healthy can be delicious and fun, so today I would like to share a couple of fantastic treats to make and enjoy with the kids and with company…

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The Short and Skinny on Fats!

By The Centre for Health Innovation / June 28, 2022 /

By Susan Kingston, Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Most times people have preconceptions about eating healthy, especially about fats. Recent research has proven that the ‘fat makes you fat’ theory is simply not true. What is true is that bad fats cause weight gain, as well as having many other detrimental effects on health such as inflammation…

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Self-Renewal through Sickness.

By The Centre for Health Innovation / April 24, 2022 / Comments Off on Self-Renewal through Sickness.

Finding the Gift in Illness and the Power in Healthy Nutrition. Disease is an interesting word. When you break it down it really means unease or unpleasantness…instead of being in a state of ease, the body is in a state of dis-ease. Dis-ease can show up in many forms; intestinal disorders, neurological disorders, auto-immune issues,…

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Cancer patients need choices now more than ever before.

By The Centre for Health Innovation / December 9, 2021 /

By Dr. Melanie Adrian, Executive Director, Be the Choice. Cancer is confusing. When I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in 2011, I was overwhelmed by the diagnosis, the available treatment decisions, and the speed with which I had to act. I felt like I’d been forced to take a cruise on a ship I…

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Integrative Naturopathic Medicine in Ovarian Cancer.

By The Centre for Health Innovation / December 9, 2021 /

By Dr. Caitlyn Keates, ND. On Saturday November 6th 2021, I had the pleasure of presenting as a Naturopathic Doctor at the Ovarian Cancer Canada Fall Symposium. This year’s turnout included over 400 women and family members from across the country who have been influenced by Ovarian Cancer in some way. The presentation detailed integrative…

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Milk and Breast Cancer.

By The Centre for Health Innovation / March 6, 2020 /

By Dr. Ellen Conte (McDonell), ND. A recent study found that milk consumption increased the risk of breast cancer.(1) Understandably, this may be worrisome for some women.  The observational study looked at food intake from a little over 50,000 women who did not have cancer, and followed them for almost 8-years. They found that women…

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Myth: Massage therapy is not safe while living with cancer

By The Centre for Health Innovation / January 9, 2020 /

This long held myth is tenacious and often on the minds of people who are looking for the many benefits that massage can bring to living with cancer.

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Authenticity is the New Positivity

By The Centre for Health Innovation / November 6, 2019 /

Much has been written on how to “survive” cancer. “Fight the good fight”, and “stay positive” are reflex recommendations post-diagnosis, fueled by a culture that enthrones heroes and achievement. In the midst of a significant shock and quick on the heels of overwhelming treatment information, cancer patients are meant to ignore their fear and think positive. All. The. Time.

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Massage Benefits for Patients with Cancer

By The Centre for Health Innovation / November 7, 2018 /

After over 4 years working as a massage therapist at OICC, there is one thing that continually amazes me: The willingness and perseverance of our patients to feel well during difficult cancer treatments.

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The Skill of Receiving

By The Centre for Health Innovation / December 20, 2017 /

It is better to give than to receive. At holiday time, we hear this repeated over and over.
From Scrooge to the Grinch, we have learned to accept that the benefits of gifting are
all in the act of giving.

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