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Probing the World of Probiotics: Interview with an Expert

By The Centre for Health Innovation / March 10, 2017 /

With a growing understanding of just how large, diverse and important the populations of bacteria living within the human body are, research into how we can alter the microbiome and what potential health benefits this may have is exploding.

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Navigating the world of complementary and alternative healthcare information.

By The Centre for Health Innovation / February 26, 2017 /

The internet, television and bookstore host a wealth of health information. Recently, there has been a boom in documentaries, books and blogs on the topic of complementary and alternative medicine for cancer.

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Getting started as a runner or walker

By The Centre for Health Innovation / February 15, 2017 /

By Ellen McDonell, ND and Julie Ennis, PhD.  Keen to become a runner or walker?  Here’s some tips to help you get started! Before we get started, we want to highlight that these are general tips to get your running or walking training program off the ground. A common question is whether exercise is safe for people…

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How to Stop Worrying With Mindfulness

By The Centre for Health Innovation / January 27, 2017 /

By Moira Hutchison, Certified Mindfulness Coach Many studies have been reaching the same conclusion… When it comes to using meditation to manage anxiety- Mindfulness can help you to stop worrying. A great many people experience some form of anxiety or even depression, and many more have occasional bouts of being worried due to pressures at work…

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Gourmet Crock-pot Comfort Food: Pumpkin, Pine Nut and Sage Risotto.

By The Centre for Health Innovation / January 16, 2017 /

Recipe by Kylie Delfino, RHN. Cold weather and shorter days bring out our desire for comfort foods. Here is a healthy slow cooker option, that will be steaming hot when you come in from an afternoon in the snow! Pumpkin is an excellent source of fibre; one-half cup serving contains 5 grams of fibre. It…

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5 Techniques to Stay in the Present Moment

By The Centre for Health Innovation / January 13, 2017 /

By Moira Hutchison, Certified Mindfulness Coach I’m sure you have heard about the power of  staying in the present moment, however there are many who do not understand what this means. Being present is simply being focused on your environment and what it is you are doing. It means that your mind isn’t thinking about…

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A Closer Look at Ingredients in Personal Care and Household Products: Harnessing the Power of Computer Technology

By The Centre for Health Innovation / January 12, 2017 /

By Julie Ennis PhD, OICC Research Fellow Take a moment and think about your morning routine and the number of household and personal care products that you use. From shampoo and toothpaste to air fresheners and dishwashing detergent, the list of products can easily become surprisingly long. The ingredients in these products are designed to…

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Finding Balance During the Holidays: The Power of the Yes Breath

By The Centre for Health Innovation / December 23, 2016 /

By Rabia Wilcox, Conscious Living Coach During the holidays you may feel stressed and overwhelmed as if everything is speeding up with not enough time to get things done or to fit it all in. The easy and powerful process of the Yes Breath may be your ticket to a more calming and relaxed festive season. It…

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2016 INCAM Research Symposium

By The Centre for Health Innovation / December 20, 2016 /

By Julie Ennis PhD and Ellen McDonell ND Conference Recap: 2016 INCAM Research Symposium – Expanding Person-Centred Care through IntegrativeHealth Research The Canadian Interdisciplinary Network for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research (INCAM) aims to promote excellence in research in the complementary and integrative health care field. Every two years, INCAM members gather at a symposium…

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Massage therapy and cancer: at the time of diagnosis

By The Centre for Health Innovation / November 18, 2016 /

By Janet Penny, RMT A diagnosis of cancer can stop you in your tracks. There is usually a lead-up to the diagnosis – tests, rounds of medical appointmentsand a feeling that something just isn’t right.  Still, there can be no preparation for hearingthat you have cancer. In the days and weeks that follow the diagnosis…

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