Digital integrative cancer care program aims to shift wellness paradigm

Two Canadian integrative cancer centres take lead in education about the “patient-centered” cancer care approach.

Vancouver, BC – May 27, 2014 – InspireHealth and the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre (OICC) have partnered to offer a first of its kind, online integrative cancer care program, to help those with a recent cancer diagnosis find support resources and design an individualized wellness plan.  

InspireHealth launched the LIFE Webinar Series earlier this year to give digital access to information and services for cancer patients that could not go to local clinics for in-person consultations. This interactive five part online program explores aspects of stress reduction, diet, physical activity, with an emphasis on self-care and support to create a solid foundation for health and healing for patients throughout their journey with cancer. 

“National research data shows that a patient often struggles with physical comfort, emotional support, and access to care throughout their cancer journey,” says Paul Paddon, Virtual Centre Manager with InspireHealth. “The LIFE Webinar Series offers comprehensive, patient-centered approaches.”

The OICC offers the newest segment in the LIFE Webinar Series called “Navigation through the Medical System,” which describes conventional, complementary and integrative care options for cancer patients across Canada.  

“We are delighted to partner with InspireHealth to act as a bridge for the nation and help all Canadians faced with a cancer diagnosis to cope better. Our Cancer Navigation webinar will enable participants to work through a range of issues and feel more empowered and less alone and confused,”says Sarah Young, Facilitator for the OICC’s Cancer Navigation Webinar.  “Learning the tools of cancer navigation allows you to gain the support you need at the right time.” 

The LIFE Webinar Series has live courses led by a medical doctor, a nutritionist, a clinical counselor, an exercise therapist, a psychotherapist, and a care coordinator, along with weekly online meditation to give a truly interactive experience for people enrolled in the program. 

The next LIFE Webinar Series runs from June 10-24, 2014, and consists of five online sessions over 2.5 weeks. More information is available at:

About InspireHealth

InspireHealth is a not-for-profit society and a leader in integrative cancer care helping British Columbians since 1997. Based on the latest research available, our medical team works together with patients to optimize recovery and survival and to reduce the risk of recurrence.  Our comprehensive whole-person approach integrates healthful nutrition, exercise, and emotional, spiritual and immune support with standard cancer care treatment.  

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About The Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre

The Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre (OICC) is the first integrative cancer care and research centre of its kind in Central and Eastern Canada. As a not-for-profit, regional centre of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM), the OICC welcomes patients at any stage and those wishing to prevent cancer or its recurrence. The OICC provides whole-person cancer care alongside conventional treatments to improve the quality of life, to help prevent recurrence, and to extend life where possible. The Centre works with patients and physicians, to provide therapeutic programs that decrease side effects and promote health during and after conventional treatments. Through clinical practice, research and education, the OICC strives to assess and reduce possible causes of cancer while exploring innovative integrative treatment approaches.

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