COVID-19 Update: Clinic Move To Telemedicine & Online Programs

To adjust to the evolving situation regarding COVID-19, the OICC has taken steps as best we can to reduce community spread and the chance of infection for our patients.

This means for our community based practice we have ceased all in-person visits. The clinic will remain closed to patient traffic until the risk of community transmission is reduced and becomes more clearly understood. We will post news updates as this evolves. Please stay tuned for our e-newsletter, and social media posts through Facebook and Instagram.

For consults with one of our naturopathic doctors, medical doctors, nurse practitioner, yoga therapist, psychotherapist, or hypnotherapist we are using a secure phone and video consult platform. This allows our patients and practitioners to greatly reduce the risk of community spread and enables us to provide ongoing and essential support. If you require any natural health products you can use the online dispensary for which we have partnered with Fullscript. If what you need is not available through this avenue, i.e. mistletoe, we can arrange for shipping or secure pick up.

For anyone who has returned home from abroad (including the USA) with or without symptoms, self-isolation is required for 14 days. For those who have not travelled and if you are experiencing mild symptoms including fever, cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat please check with Ottawa Public Health to determine whether or not testing or a trip to the hospital is required based on severity and most current recommendations.

Please apply a principle of social distancing and avoidance of any gathering where infectious exposures and transmission are more likely. We do not see the OICC as a location likely for transmission and exposure, but we also need to recognize now that anywhere in the community is possible for transmission. We are acutely aware of the immune compromised health for some of our patients, and are committed to doing everything we can to protect them.

Please be extra vigilant to ensure you keep a healthy distance from people and your homes and practice all the measures of hygiene you can to protect yourself.

For personal care, please see some of the strategies we are recommending to support you at this time:

  • Stay relaxed and calm. We must act seriously and do what we can for ourselves and others, but recognize this is often a mild infection and the vast majority of people will be ok. In this, try to practice things that give you peace and calm. This could include reading a book, doing exercise, talking with a friend over the phone, online assisted yoga, listening to music, whatever it is that helps. Tuning in to social media and the news may in fact be best left to short bouts of time when necessary.
  • For supporting a robust healthy immunity, make a point to keep stress down, also super important to get good rest and sleep.
  • Eat well with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, compounds from onions, garlic, blueberries, raspberries, broccoli, ginger, sprouts, chives, cinnamon, celery, green tea and many other foods of colour are all good to enjoy and have mild but additive support to you and your immune system.
  • Speak to your naturopathic doctor about what, if any, supplements might be supportive at this time.
  • Stay well hydrated, getting plenty of fluids.

Use our clinic ONLINE programs including meditation and yoga classes, support groups, and virtual consult access to our practitioners.

A guided meditation for those facing cancer in these uncertain times is available as a free download: Into the Body: A Guided Meditation for Everyone. This meditation promotes body awareness, relaxation, stress relief, and help with sleep. Prepared by our Yoga Therapist Anne Pitman with music by Jared Davidson, we are pleased to make this available for our patients.

Please note, this is all subject to change as this unique challenge in our life unfolds and evolves. We will be communicating through our e-newsletter and social media as things change. With meticulous compliance to public health guidelines and all of us acting together for the good of ourselves, our community and health care system we will get through this.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and actions.


Dr. Dugald Seely, ND
OICC Founder & Executive Director