Jennifer Turner

Jennifer Turner, M.A.


Jennifer Turner has a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology and an undergraduate degree in Sociology. Her research interests focus on meaning and dignity therapy, integrative healing, and effective modalities of individual and group work to support individuals coping with the challenges of life, illness and grief.

She is certified with Health Coaching Australia and the National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches. She has also participated in the Gawler Foundation's Living with Cancer program in Australia. She has facilitated numerous support and education programs and is passionately committed to working with cancer patients and their loved ones to help reduce stress and anxiety and to enhance focus, balance and meaning.

Her integrative approach empowers people to play an active role in their own well-being, healing and grief, and to be fully present in their experience. She is committed to providing compassionate and meaningful support to patients and families dealing with end of life challenges.

As a cancer patient herself, the daughter of two cancer surviving parents, and the mother of six children, Jennifer's life experience helps her to provide caring, informed support to individuals and families dealing with cancer.

As challenges are identified, Jennifer will assist you to find solutions that meet your personal goals. She works closely with you to help you feel more connected to your authentic self and to others, and to experience joy and meaning in your life. Her approach is a personal and caring one which approaches wellness from an integrated mind/body/spirit perspective.

“I think of my work as having conversations with people to help them figure out ways to thrive - offering new ways of looking at things, finding peace, and supporting change whenever desirable or possible.” - Jennifer Turner, CHI Psychotherapist

Jennifer Turner M.A.
Registered Psychotherapist, CRPO.
CASC Certified Spiritual Care Provider,
Certified Cancer Coach (National Association of Cancer Coaches),
Certified Health Coach (Health Change Associates),
Certified Childbirth Educator (Childbirth Education Association)