Cancer Care - Yoga Therapy

Cancer impacts us on all the levels of our human existence. Yoga Therapy is a body centered, holistic one-on-one therapy, which addresses a client’s unique physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges and needs. 

Sometimes, after a cancer diagnosis, there is a profound depth of shock; one can feel as though they are running for their life (fight or flight) or completely shut down (freeze or faint).  Anxiety, insomnia and fatigue are often constant companions.

Through a deep understanding of  human suffering and how the body requires and responds to human connection, generous listening and certains form of practice (breath, movement and meditation), Yoga Therapy compassionately accompanies and supports people facing cancer. This approach provided by two experienced and trained therapists can help patients to breathe, find agency and stay present in their lives.

You can find answers to commonly asked questions about yoga therapy on our FAQs Page.

Yoga Therapist & Clinic Hours

Anne Pitman, Certified Yoga Therapist
Friday, 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

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Single or Couple Session
60 Minutes - $95
90 Minutes - $120