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Christopher Chang-Duffet M.B.A., R.P. (Qualifying)

Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Christopher is a qualifying registered psychotherapist practicing in several modalities, including Expressive and Jungian Art Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and Compassionate Inquiry.

Christopher has specialized experience working with military operators, first responders and their family members, including special forces members both in Canada and the US, working with active and veteran members from CANSOFCOM, CJOC, Navy Seal Teams, 5th Expeditionary Group, 10 Special Forces Group, and NYPD veterans of 9-11.

He is an Integral Master Coach specializing in adult development and is the President of Humaxis, Inc. where he provides executive coaching and leadership development services for mission critical operations.

Through his own experiences of childhood poverty and violence, high-impact trauma, traumatic brain injury, and divorce, Christopher has learned the incredible resilience and resourcefulness of the human spirit. Primarily when held with compassion, support, and trust. As a result, he has chosen to work with the Centre for Health Innovation for the opportunity to provide an integrative and multi-disciplinary approach to mental health. He sees the therapeutic relationship as a co-creative partnership between the client and therapist.

Concerns treated: Mental health support, including complex trauma, post-traumatic stress disorders, developmental trauma, eating disorders, childhood trauma, traumatic brain and other high-impact injuries, addiction, anxiety, and depression—also, pre- and post-psychedelic experience integration and development, as well as general mental health care.

Christopher Chang-Duffet M.B.A.
Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario, CRPO (Qualifying)
Student Member CATA (Canadian Art Therapy Association)
Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, (Intermediate 3)
Integral Master Coach
ORSC Relationship Systems Trained Coach
Psychedelic Integration Counsellor
Member, Psychedelic Association of Canada