Cancer Care - Grief and Dying Counseling

Some things are hard to talk about.  Unexplored grief and fear of death are often underneath the surface of fear and anxiety.  Softening toward these can help us to wrestle with the meaning one makes of life’s difficult times. 

Our culture is profoundly death phobic, which can make our endings of days that much more difficult.  Don’t be lonely when times are tough.  Find compassion and deep human experience in our therapists willing to turn toward grief and death, for those ready to be in the presence of their own grief or who may be preparing for their own dying days.

Cancer navigation can also support you to make better informed choices utilizing resources we have in clinic or externally and more effectively through the conventional health care system.

Yoga Therapist & Clinic Hours

Anne Pitman, Certified Yoga Therapist
Friday, 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

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Single or Couple Session
60 Minutes - $95