Cannabis Consultation

Our Nurse Practitioner (NP), Jamie Batsch provides consultations to educate patients about cannabis and provide patient-specific recommendations and prescriptions. Jamie will review the indications, possible benefits and side effects of cannabis and help you choose a Licensed Producer based on your needs.

In these appointments, one can expect information required for a cannabis prescription and provided with step-by-step instructions for ordering, dosing and administering the cannabis appropriately. Jamie will conduct follow up appointments for monitoring and education with you as needed.

Jamie comes from a nursing background with an emphasis on a holistic approach to care and provides a bridge between the medical establishment and our integrative care. Nurse Practitioners (NPs) work much like a Medical Doctor (MD), providing the following services that an MD would, including comprehensive assessments, diagnosis, ordering laboratory/diagnostic tests, prescribing medications and referring to a specialist when necessary.

Jamie is passionate about providing high quality integrative care and treats all her clients as if they were her own family and friends. She goes above and beyond to enable them to achieve optimal well-being through an integrative approach while providing an individualized therapeutic care plan.

Jamie specializes in primary care and has a special interest in mental health, cannabis, pain management, nutrition, irritable bowel syndrome and digestive health. She strives to empower and advocate for her clients in order for them to achieve their optimal well-being. Jamie is very resourceful and if she doesn't know the answer, she is sure to go looking for it through further collaboration and consultation with other health care providers.

Cannabis Consultation - Supportive Cancer Care

Jamie works closely with the naturopathic doctors and other practitioners at the CHI to provide high quality care to people dealing with cancer. Besides cannabis, Jamie can also prescribe other off-label medications from a metabolic approach when warranted to enable innovative support for cancer care.

Cannabis Consults & Office Hours

Jamie Batsch, Nurse Practitioner
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